Pregnant elephant killed in kerala

First of all what happened to this elephant is very sad and disappointed. Am not here to support this cruelty. I just like to say some truth about this incident. This incident was taken place in Palakkad district in kerala, India. The incident is covered by the media is like this the pregnant elephant got killed by humans they gave pineapple bomb to the elephant in Malappuram district like ways. But actually this incident is take place in Palakkad district

How media shown to the people…. Some farmers in Malappuram gave pineapple to the elephant and killed the pregnant elephant brutally.

Let’s see what is the truth in this case:

The farmers in the Palakkad district mannarkad near silent Valley they face a attack from wild boars for every year. These boars destroys their farm land and their cultivation. So these farmers set a trap for that boars. So they decided go put fire crack on pineapple. Unfortunately a pregnant elephant came that way and eat that pineapple by misunderstanding that is a food. This cracker blast from the mouth of the elephant. This became infection and get worse on mouth. Then after the elephant can’t eat anything because of this infection. This infection becomes worse and then the elephant go through a river and sat their to cool that part. Due to standing more time in the water the water gone more to the respiration and this lead to death. This is officially stated by the doctor who do the postmatom. From that postmatom the doctor found a baby elephant too. This incident break the humanity. What they done is wrong am not supporting anyone. They put a cracker as trap that’s the mistake and can’t accept this mistake

Waterfalls in Grahan village

Cool and freezing water which is coming from the top of the hill is very very crazy. While we trecking to the top we see the river which is splashing everywhere. The speed of that floating water is just amazing. Every one in our gang stare at the water flow.

We alsmost see 3 waterfalls. Each one of them was simply awesome. When we put our both legs in the water its becoming frozen. Its very cold, we wish to get through in this waterfall so we decided to take bath from the top

One of the waterfall when you treck to the top

This is pure water which is coming from the top of the hill. We can see every single piece of stone in their. The water is in blusih green touch colour. Sometimes its pure transparent

This is the waterfall which we step in to that frozen and cold water. When we taking each step its becomes more colder. We didnt stand their more than 4 to 5 min. Once we get back to the land we can see our legs, chests everywhere becomes red. Due to colder. After sometimes we get off from the waterfall and ran back to the homestay and put fire and we sat infront of that fire to warm our body. Its very shivering. We put fire and sat in their untill our shivering gones.

Click here to enjoy the wonderful Waterfall of grahan village…….

Beauty of Grahan Village

Grahan village is a small remote village in north india. It is exactly situated in himachal pradesh. If you want to reach their you must be reach kasol(himachal pradesh). In this village their is almost 40 to 50 houses and around 300 to 400 people are living here. Once you start trecking from kasol your mobile network will gone. Their will be no mobile network untill you go back to kasol


This is a remote village in himachal pradesh. It doesn’t have mobile network. Their is almost 40 to 50 houses and around 300 to 400 peoples lives in here.Their is only primary school and if any children wants to get higher education they switch to hostel on town. Their is traditional festivals and traditional lifestyle. They cultivate vegetables and wheat from their own places. The green apple, arconut and plums are too available at their. We can find some ganja leaves in the top of the hill. Grahan village is the first stop for the sarpass trecking.

Trecking to grahan village

If u reach kasol you must treck

approximately 10 km. Sometimes its very hard steps. We take breaks and walk slowly. Their is a cofee cafes at the top.We just drink tea and have a plate of maggie. Again we started walking. The view while trecking is very awesome.

We can a see a river that floating continously. Its very fresh and very cold water. Its comming from the top of the hill.

Trecking to grahan is very adventurous. We want to take hard steps to reach the top of grahan.Here is the vedio of trecking to grahan village..

Their is some homestays in grahan village. We stayed one of a homestay named namstay offline. Contact details of homestay is given below.

Instagram page id:

If u love hiking and peace with nature. Its better to take a trip to grahan village. It’s also named as mini Israel.

Thank you….. I hope you enjoyed well… For more updates s

View from Kurumbalakotta hill Wayanad

Its morning 5.30am we climb hard to reach the top. We take break on 10 min and say some rumors and keep walking. It almost take 30 minutes to reach the top of the hill.

After reaching the top we sit on a rock and their is a guy who selling the tea. We take a cup of tea and a snack.

The hot tea is becoming cold due to morning fog. The view from the top was awesome in the morning. The clouds are covered. The sun is rising slowly. We just sit and enjoyed the beauty of the nature

After 2 to 3 hours the clouds vanished. We can clearly see the paddy feild and other things from the top of the hill.

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